At HotForex, we believe in educating you and all our traders by giving you the resources you need to improve your Forex trading experience and results. Whether you’re completely new to trading Forex or a seasoned trader, our great range of Forex educational tools will put you on the right trading path. Start to learn today by taking advantage of our great range ofForex training resources! Whether you’re interested in our live webinars or market analysis, want to watch Forex-related training videos or simply want to work through our Forex education eCourses, you’ll find everything you need at HotForex!

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Register for one of our live Forex webinars

Whether you’re a complete newbie to the Forex trading world, simply want to brush up on your Forex knowledge or are an experienced trader, our Forex webinar series is geared towards helping you succeed! From Live Analysis and Scalping Strategies to Emotion Control in FX, check out our entire range of upcoming Forex trading webinars by clicking on ‘Read more’ and book your FREE places today.

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HotForex Daily Market Analysis

Our Market Analysis Team provides you with the latest market news and forecasts how the markets are developing. If you’re serious about becoming a successful trader, you need to understand how the markets work, what impacts them and what moves them. Our daily market analysis reports cover fundamental and technical analysis and look at financial news from around the world.

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Forex Educational & Tutorial Videos

At HotForex, we want to give you access to the very best in Forex Education and we do this by providing you with our complete range of Forex Educational and Tutorial Videos. Our series of Forex videos provide you with the trading basics, help you understand various financial instruments, give you insights into fundamental/ technical analysis and explain how psychology impacts your trading.

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HotForex eCourse in Forex

Learn all there is to know about Forex by visiting your myHF client portal! Our comprehensive Forex educational eCourse is an easy access, step-by-step guide that starts by introducing you to the basics of Forex. It goes on to show you how you can read and interpret financial charts, put tried and tested trading strategies into practice and how to develop the right trading psychology.

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Forex FAQs

Do you have any questions for the HotForex Team that you’d like answered? Maybe you want to find out more about the various Forex trading accounts we offer, our Customer Support Team’s working hours or maybe you simply want to know what it means to open a long or short position. Whatever you want to know about trading, the HotForex Frequently Asked Questions section has got you covered!

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HotForex Blog
Global Economic Releases

Traders are constantly reviewing the world’s economic indicators to identify trends in economic growth. For instance, the US Nonfarm Payroll report is released on the first Friday of every month, with traders eagerly anticipating its results and the effects it will have on the markets. The HotForex Global Economic Releases section lists and explains the importance of each country’s economic releases.

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