Fixed Account

FIX accounts are tailored towards clients who wish to trade with Fixed spreads that they can depend on. This account type enables traders to make carefully calculated trading decisions based on our specific conditions and allows for the implementation of trading strategies with maximum control. FIX accounts also work especially well with any Expert Advisors that are designed to function with fixed spreads.

Buka akun FIX

Rincian Akun FIX

Platform Trading:MetaTrader 4, Webtrader and Mobile Trading
Sebaran:Fixed for FOREX*
Instrumen All Available (Click here to view full list)
Desimal kelima:
Leveraj maksimal: 1:400**
Eksekusi:Eksekusi Pasar
Deposito pembukaan minimal: USD $500
Ukuran dagang minimal:0.01 lot
Ukuran dagang minimal:0.01
Volume Trade Maksimum:60 standard lots per position
Maksimum Buka Pesanan Simulta:300
Margin Call / Berhenti keluar Tingkat:50% / 20%
Trading telepon:
Jenis mata uang: USD, EUR
Bonus:Flexible Bonus Offerings

*Please note that based on our MT4 historical spread analysis, our spreads remain fixed 99,73% of the time but may occasionally widen during major economic news announcements and rollover hours.

** Leverage may be adjusted in case the equity in the account is over $400,000.

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