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HotForex MasterCard

HotForex MasterCard

Your card is connected to your HotForex account

Withdraw your trading profits to your card with ease

Online statements give you complete control of your account

Your money will be transferred to your card immediately

HF MasterCard Benefits

Pay Securely

It’s so convenient to use your prepaid HotForex MasterCard to make online payments.

HF MasterCard Benefits
HF MasterCard Benefits

Shopping Made Easy

Simply load your card and go shopping!

Reliability at Home and Abroad

Pay for goods and services wherever you may be with your globally accepted HotForex MasterCard.

HF MasterCard Benefits

HotForex MasterCard FAQs

Your HotForex MasterCard is a prepaid card.
We hope that many of the most common questions are answered in this useful FAQ section,
but if you have any other queries please contact the card issuer on

Your Application

Your new card will cost 10 USD with standard delivery and 40 USD if you choose to ship via courier.

When you apply for a card, we will let you know which documents we require based on your yearly card usage. You may be asked to provide:

  • A clear, colour copy of your government issued ID/ Passport/ EU Driving license. This document should have a validity of at least six months and must show your photo and signature.

  • A clear copy of a utility bill/ bank statement/ tax assessment that shows your full name and physical address (P.O. Boxes are not accepted)

  • A completed KYC Form.

  • A wire transfer to your bank account, so that the card issuer receives a SWIFT confirmation.

It usually takes less than 24 hours to process and approve card applications.

The approval process is usually very quick, but there are a few issues that can lead to delays, so please ensure that you provide all of the required information on your application. Here are the reasons that an application could be delayed:

  • Incomplete information: If your name, address, ID or telephone number are missing or incomplete on the form, the support team will contact you to complete your details.

  • Duplicate mobile phone number: You must provide a unique mobile number that has not previously been registered in the card issuer’s system. In the event that this happens, the support team will contact you for an alternative number. We send SMS alerts and payment authorisation notification to your mobile, so it’s very important that your number is unique.

  • Duplicate address: If your address matches the address of another client, the support team will contact you to verify your relationship, if any, with the other client before the decision to approve the duplicate address can be made.


If you requested delivery by post, your card will be sent from the UK by 1st Class Royal Mail. That means that if you live in the EU, your card should be delivered within 10 days. If you live outside the EU, delivery time will depend on the postal system in your country.

If you requested delivery by courier your card will reach you within 5 days of being issued (you can request an air waybill number from the Helpdesk so that you can track your delivery).


No, PIN codes cannot be changed at an ATM machine. If you need to change your PIN code for security reasons, please contact the Customer Support Team.

If you forget your PIN code, call the Support Team and request that they re-issue your PIN. It costs $30 to have your PIN reissued and it will be sent to your registered address by courier.

If you think your card has been lost or stolen, contact +961 1 744962 immediately and your card will be blocked.

If you think that you have been charged in error, contact customer support without delay. You’ll be asked to fill in a form that allows the card issuer to request a chargeback. Unauthorized transactions will trigger a block on your card so that no other transactions can be made."

My Card Account

You can use your card anywhere that displays the MasterCard logo. Use it to make purchases online and in shops or to withdraw funds from ATMs all over the world.

When you activate your card account, you’ll notice that your balance appears to be -10 when your actual balance is 0. The reason for this is that 10 currency units are always reserved on a card to guard against going into the negative due to any bank charges and fees.


You deposit USD 100 into your card account. Your available balance to spend will be 90 after taking into account the 10 currency units that are reserved.

If you have a 0 balance and haven’t used your card for more than 180 days, it will be deactivated. If your card is still valid and you decide that you want to use it again, you can contact the support team and ask for it to be reactivated.

If you have funds in your card account, but haven’t used it for more than 12 months, a monthly admin fee will be charged from the twelfth month and your card will be deactivated when the balance reaches zero.

If your balance is below zero for a period of 3 months, your card will be automatically deactivated. You are still responsible for any negative balance as per the terms and conditions that you accepted during the application process.

  • Your card can only be re-activated once you fund it again.

There is usually a very simple solution to this problem. Before trying to withdraw money from an ATM and spend your money in a shop or online, you just need to check that:

  • You are using the correct PIN
  • Your card has been activated and has not been deactivated for any reason.
  • You have funds in your account.
  • The shop/ website/ ATM accepts MasterCard

Yes, you can deposit funds using your HotForex MasterCard. If you deposit funds using your card, please let us know when you submit a withdrawal request by sending an email to

Please note that residents of India, Iran, Israel, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kosovo, Syrian Arab Republic, Cuba, Palestine, Sudan, Japan and United States are not entitled to apply for the HF MasterCard at this time.